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Facing criminal charges is scary, whether it's your first time or your tenth. You never really know what the outcome is going to be and many feel isolated in the midst of such confusion. At Kennedy & Dolan, our firm is honored to be the outlet that individuals have turned to time and again for aggressive defense.

Our Rockville criminal defense attorneys have been acknowledged by Super Lawyers® for their outstanding legal skills and knowledge. We have more than 50 years of combined experience ready to put to work for you. Still have questions beyond those listed below? Contact our firm! We are eager to pursue your best possible outcome.

What is a white collar crime?
White collar crimes are usually considered crimes that were committed for financial gain. Examples can include embezzlement, identity theft, fraud, and racketeering. Based on the extent of the crime, an individual may be convicted of a felony.

Should I plead no contest to my charges?
This depends on your charges. A no contest plea means that you accept that there is sufficient evidence to prove that you committed a crime, but you refuse to accept guilt for the crime. The court generally treats this plea similar to a guilty plea.

Why is a preliminary hearing so important?
A preliminary hearing is the first time that your crime and subsequent charges are officially 'announced,' so to speak. Both the state and a witness for the prosecution present information. After the defense cross-examines the witness, the judge determines if there is probable cause to take the case further. You will need a skilled attorney who can interview the witness for a successful outcome.

If I have a previous DUI on my record, will it count against me in the future?
The state of Maryland has a lookback period of five years. This means that any DUI convictions within the last five years can be counted against you if you're charged with a subsequent DUI.

Will my probation be revoked if I violate it?
In most cases, yes. The court generally enforces an even more severe sentence after violation of probation. This can include time in jail, fines, and probation restrictions.

How can your firm help my case?
Our firm has helped hundreds of individuals achieve a successful outcome and protect their future. By assessing your case and preparing a strong defense on your behalf, we increase your chances of having your sentence reduced or even dismissed altogether. Read about our history of success helping past clients by checking out our testimonials.

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